Since his early teens, Anthony expressed a very keen interest in music, and first learned to play guitar at 12. After years of experimenting with different genres and instruments, he realised his true passion and calling, was behind the other side of the glass.

He spent the last of his high school years researching various components of recording in his spare time, often prioritising this over school assignments. It wasn’t long until Anthony bought his first mixing console and microphones. This gave him the chance to experiment at home, and learn the fundamentals of recording. He began gaining some experience recording his own bands, recording demos and song ideas. As his experience and passion grew for recording, he decided to study at the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), in Hamilton.

After two years of study, Anthony was offered an internship at The Porch Recording Studio, where he worked full time for 14 months with many New Zealand artists, musicians and voice over artists. He worked on a range of projects from small demo tracks to 14 track albums, spanning genres from choir to metal, reggae to barbershop and everything in between. His experience gained from working within this range of genres, combined with techniques learned from various engineers and producers, has helped Anthony to craft his own personal style of engineering. Along side all of the music, he also gained a lot of experience in recording voice overs for TV and radio commercials, which are aired regularly across New Zealand.

Anthony left The Porch Recording Studio to become a freelance engineer, and fully immersed himself in the working environment, working long hours for weeks on end driven by the desire to excel in the music industry.