So I thought I’d start off by telling you all about my troubles with compatibility which I had just a couple of months ago. 

It all started when Apple released Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11), I was so eager to jump right into it (not exactly sure why now), and got it on he first day without thinking about he consequences of what could happen to all my untested software. After the install I was pretty happy with myself but then decided it was time for some mixing! Surprisingly, Pro Tools 11 (my main DAW of choice) loaded up perfectly and all my plugins loaded in perfectly without a hitch – awesome! Untill, I try to import audio into a session. Assertion error. Pro Tools freezes, freezes computer completely. I thought, “hmm that’s weird”, so I hard reboot and restart the process. Attempt #2, same thing happened. Alright Huston, we have a problem. I take to the internet and of course, I’m not the only one who got all excited and everyone has the same issue. “No worries”, people are saying, there’s a workaround! Drag and Drop the files from Finder, straight into Pro Tools. Awesome. We’re all go again. From then I decided that I’ll hold back on updating OS so soon untill the word has been given that it’s all good to go. 

Now, jump forward to macOS Seirra (10.12) being released. I remember not to jump the gun and wait for the all clear from Avid, but, after a little while, I see avid have released support for Pro Tools 12 but not 11. Oh no. So I take to the forums and sure enough, Avid have stopped supporting Pro Tools 11 and below on and of the latest macOS’s, however, as I keep going through the forums, I see no bad news about PT11 on Sierra, so, thinking I’m cleaver, I upgrade my OS to 10.12. 

This is where s**t hit he fan. All was working well, open Pro Tools and everything seems to work properly. I go to import audio from the file menu, same error as El Capitan. That’s cool, I can still just drag and drop. Try drag and drop… New assertion error. Completely freezes machine. Crap. I try everything, deleting the prefences, restarting, using different playback engines at different sample rates, nothing works. So for me, Pro Tools was now useless unless the audio was already imported into a session file. I have a long hard think about what I could possibly do about the situation and realised I’m going to have to either buy the latest version of Pro Tools (which I would either have to fork out a big lot of money or pay a subscription), or roll back OS. All good, I’ll roll back to a backup. I plugin my Time Machine backup drive – oh yeah that’s right, I didn’t back up for the last 4 years – great. 

My last option was to do a full clean install of an older macOS and reinstall everything from scratch. I checked the compatibility page for Pro Tools to see when PT11 was last fully supported, so I rolled all the way back to 10.10 Yosemite. I had to reinstall everything from scratch which all in all, took about 2 days to completely sort out. 

So word of warning. Before you go updating all your software as soon as the latest release comes out, make sure all software (and even hardware) will be compatible with everything you need to keep running. And if you just can’t help yourself like me, make sure you backup! I can’t stress this enough!!